The World is Yours

Lilac Wine from Matthew Landa on Vimeo.

Okay. I have to say this.

I’ve had a pretty amazing summer. The unfortunate part is that I’ve only started to really realize and enjoy that fact now.

I remember going to an Anusara inspired yoga class taught by Sjanie McInnis (Shan-ee) and she spoke about internal shifts. For a while when she was practicing a lot of yoga and travelling, she felt like the world was hers. A lot of things were happening for her, and to quote her, “everything was coming up Sjanie!” But then, a time came when these external changes came to a lull, and her feeling of empowerment subsided. What she found was the power of small internal shifts that happen within us, rather than the things that happen to us externally that, overtime, become incredible, long lasting changes within us and impact our capacity to enjoy the external things.

So, for however long this lasts, I’d like to record this moment in my life where I am open to internal shifts, and be grateful for the hardships and good times. In (my) reality, the hardships aren’t actually all that bad, but the good times and things that bring me joy? Those are definitely fucking fantastic.

For example, I’d like to start with the above motion graphic video from Blind Creative. It represents love for me in two ways. One being my love for motion graphics and music, and the other being my love and adoration I have for my friends. Sometimes I forget how much I love typography and graphic design. Even though I generally talk about it a lot with friends like A-Dawg, I forget that it’s something that grounds me. Obsessing over drawing an ampersand allows me to escape, to focus on something that I am interested in, and reminds me that I have something in my life that I thoroughly enjoy.


I have my friends. Like the one who sent me the above link. They’ve seen me through a lot and have been patient with my incessant inquiries (mostly about dating – haha) and struggles. It’s those small moments when I really know how much they love me and how much fun I have with them that I’m starting to appreciate more and more. I love when moments of appreciation spring from small events, like chatting and joking around during a road trip, being sent the above motion graphic because it was something I might like (Even though I found out that he sent it to five other people minutes after…but I don’t mind. It’s the thought that counts, right?! :P) or being offered straightforward wisdom as simple as “Everything ends. It’s just a matter of timing.” ( Alexandru Totolici, 2010). It’s those small moments where I really feel connected to my friends and remember that I live a charmed life.

Big moments make me realize this, too. I got to travel 16,000 miles to one of the most beautiful places on earth and shared it with someone I’d like to stay friends with for the rest of my life. Beautiful beaches, So You Think You Can Swin Dance routines, and Bali sunsets wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful without her.

Yup. I’d have to say that summer was pretty amazing and filled with all kinds of love. Not romantic love because that (or the opportunity for that this summer with a particular someone) has ended, but the love that a new friend, Something She Dated also blogged about: ‘The kind of love that doesn’t care about douche bags and boys’. The love that’s all around you, always.

Ps: I also realized that if I write one more damn post about something depressing and serious, I run the risk of categorizing this blog as ’emo’. So, razorblades aside, I’m going to take each day as it comes, with a balanced amount of eager anticipation for what is in store for the fall.


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