Forget English, talk body language

Type: Officina Serif
Song: La La La by Jay-Z

This one was a toughy. I’m starting to realize how ambitious this actually is. But it’s also a nice distraction because I’m focussing on creative solutions instead of other things. Double Plus Win.

About Officina Serif:

ITC Officina was developed by German design Powerhouse Erik Spiekermann and released in 1990, along with the matching Officina Sans. Originally just two weights with Italics, this par was intended for business applications requiring extreme legibility under less than optimal conditions. The serif variants in particular display traits of traditional typewriter text, but greatly modified to suit technological advancements. Upon its release designers worldwide took notice and the ITC Officina suite became an instant modern classic. Noting its widespread use by trendsetters in a variety of projects, Spiekermann collaborated with Ole Shäfer to add the extra weights and small caps necessary to make the typeface suitable for magazines, books, and advertising. (Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, Tamye Riggs)


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