Furtive Pop Music, Mostly about sex

Type: Gill Sans
Song: Shelter, The XX

About Gill Sans:

“Beginning in 1902, British designer Eric Gill studied under Edward Johnston, the renowned calligrapher who, in 1916, designed the typeface used for the London Underground signage. Johnston’s work greatly influenced Gill, who went onto experiment with Sans types. Monotype’s Stanley Morison wanted to develop a Modern face on par with the German Sans Serif types being released following the success of Futura. Morison saw lettering that Gill had created, and worked with the designer until Gill Sans was released, in a single uppercase weight, in 1928. The typeface was chosen as the standard font for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) system and used for its posters and promotional materials. Gill Sans became popular immediately upon its commercial release and was expanded, appearing not just on the LNER work, but also on the iconic paperback book jackets that Jan Tschichold designed for Penguin Books starting in 1935.” (Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, Tamye Riggs)

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