Heartbreaks and 808s

Type: Rockwell Std
Song: All Falls Down by Kanye West
Original size is 18×24, so it got a bit squished to fit the blog.

About Rockwell Std:

Rockwell was derived from the first geometric Slab Serif (Egyptian), Litho Antique (originally produced by the Inland Typefoundry of St. Louis, USA in 1910). Morris Fuller Benton cut several new weights for an American Type Founders (ATF) revival of the design in the 1920s. The Monotype Corporation produced its own version, called Rockwell, in 1933/ 1934, with that foundry’s in-house design team working under the direction of Frank Hinmna Pierpont. Its precisely drawn forms feature very round counters paired with squared-off (unbracketed) serifs, and a monoline stroke weight. Rockwell was intended as a competitor to the German Stempel foundry’s Memphis Type, which was also influenced by Litho Antique. Due to an error in marketing, Rockwell was sometimes incorrectly referred to as Stymie Bold, and the two similar designs are still confused today. (Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, Tamye Riggs)

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