What is it that makes us weak?

Type: DIN

Song: Brutal Hearts ft. Coeur de Pirate

About DIN:

“DIN” stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung (The German Institute for Industrial Standards). In 1936, the German Standard Committee settle upon DIN 1451 as the standard font for the areas of technology, traffic, administration, and business as it was legible and easy to reproduce. Because DIN 1451 was used prominently in Germany on traffic signage, the letterforms became familiar to the masses, spurring graphic artists to make use of the ubiquitous design in advertising campaigns.

The variants of DIN were well suited for display purposes, but not for running text. In 1994, Erik Spiekermann met with Albert Jan-Pool, a student of the Dutch school of design initiated by Gerrit Noordzij. Spierkermann encouraged Jan-Pool to create a new version of DIN, one that would be more versatile in its applications. Jan-Pool developed FF DIN, a design that shares structural similarities with DIN 1451, yet differs in its weight distribution and naming conventions. FF DIN was refined to allow it to perform better in print and on screen. The original DIN Schriften in digital form and FF DIN are now both widely used across a variety of media. (Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, Tamye Riggs)

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