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Type: Myriad Pro
Song: Sleep to Dream, Fiona Apple

Myriad Pro via Typekit and Typedia.

Myriad was first issued in 1992 as a multiple master Type 1 font family, which worked with a compliant font renderer to allow the user to generate variations in a wide range of widths and weights. Myriad MM was discontinued in 2003.

Myriad Pro is the OpenType version of the original Myriad font family. It first shipped in 2000, as Adobe moved towards the OpenType standard. Additional designers were Christopher Slye and Fred Brady. Compared to Myriad MM, it added support for Latin Extended, Greek, and Cyrillic characters, and oldstyle figures.

Myriad Pro originally included thirty fonts in three widths and five weights each, with complementary italics. A “semi-condensed” width was added several years later, expanding the family to forty fonts in four widths and five weights each, with complementary italics.

Myriad Pro Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic are bundled with Adobe Reader 7.0 and higher.

Via Typedia



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