Type: Eurostile
Song: 6 Underground, Sneaker Pimps

About Eurostile:

Alessandro Butti and Aldo Novarese designed a typeface called Microgramma in 1952 for the Nebiolo foundry in Turin, Italy. A true titling face, Microgramma contained capitals only, its uppercase characters much larger than those of a typical text design. Although Microgramma was available in five styles, its lack of a lowercase meant that it could only be used for display work. Ten years later, Novarese, drew a full character set for all weights, adding bold condensed and compact variants. The new family was named Eurostile.

When Eurostile was digitized by Linotype and Adobe in the 1908s, the design’s trademark “super curves” were flattened, and characters that didn’t follow the original styling were added. In 2007, Linotype released Eurostile Next. Akira Kobayashi, type director of the German foundry, carefully studied the original types, adding new weights, correcting imperfection, and restoring the mid-century modern detailing to the letter forms.” (Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, Tamye Riggs)

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