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Uncertainty by Cristina B  I got my heart broken on Tuesday, so I figure the blog was due for an update. Uncertainty lead me here. But so did courage. After the year long emotional struggle with *Tyler  I thought it would be a long time before I would meet someone who excited me. I met […]

Day 1

I promise future titles for the 30 Day Typography Challenge won’t be so lame. I expected this to be much easier for me than it was. See, when I say I love typography, I should really be saying that I love looking at typography. Appreciation is easy, execution is frustrating at times. While working on […]

30 Days. 30 Songs. 30 Typefaces. An exploration of the impact, beauty, and frustration of typography. I decided to challenge myself to design 30 type pieces during the month of May. Nerdy? Yes! Creative? Of course! Insane? Ab-so-f*cking-lutely! I’m excited for exercising the right side of my brain and spending time learning about letter forms. […]

Post Jeremy Kraft and Pre Ray Porter

There’s a line at the beginning of the movie, ShopGirl, that perfectly articulates how I feel about my life right now – all my chances, possibilities, and work – are all just pending, hanging around, increasing my appetite with possibilities. There are so many maybes, almosts, not quites. But in the end – still no dice. Or […]