In theory. . .

This is where I awkwardly find something witty to say about myself, provide a list of “random” things I am proud of, or a good combination of the two to make me “double plus cool” ( NiHaoMaGirl, 2007).

In reality. . .

I will just come off as awkward in hopes that my audience (of three. . .hi MOM!) will find it endearing.

Sketch Your Heart Out came about somewhat impulsively. A while back, I tweeted about an image that inspired me to pull out sketch books I hadn’t touched in years and made a goal to start sketching again. In response to my tweet, my friend, Daniel, suggested that I start a sketch blog to see how much my drawing skills improve with regular practice. The idea of a sketch blog never crossed my mind, but Daniel’s suggestion inspired me and recognized the opportunity for me to expand my skills and share my work. So, with the help of another friend, Alex, who helped me customize this theme, I bring you one of my creative endeavors.

In addition to my creative projects, this will also be the place where my visual inspirations, adoration of music, and the odd conceptual experiment will coalesce.

Please feel free to offer feedback, comment or just say hi!

Enjoy, and may the (creative) force be with you, young Jedis!